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Reporter Asks Man What He Did Over The Weekend—And We Appreciate His Honesty

Clips like this are why we have live TV.

Live TV is still giving us the unexpected (but high quality) content we've come to know and love in news blooper videos. During a recent episode of Australia's Today Show, reporter Natalia Cooper was giving $50 to subway passengers to brighten their day. As she gave the gift to one nearby stranger, she asked him what he'd done this weekend. He gave an incredibly honest answer:

Punched a few cones.

For those of us who don't know, "punching a cone" is slang for smoking marijuana from a bong.

Cooper apparently DID know what "punching a few cones" meant, because she pulled the microphone away and made her escape as fast as possible.

But the damage had already been done. Twitter saw the whole thing.

The unknown man who didn't hesitate to answer truthfully has become something of a local hero:

Perhaps one day the whole world can be as proud of their weekend antics as this man was. Newscasters deserve the truth…

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